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Order Greenhouse & Nursery Products Online

Whether concerns of COVID keep you from visiting our store or shopping from home in your jammies is more your speed, we get it and we’ve got you covered. Below are the instructions to place orders for annuals, planters, hanging baskets, 8″ geraniums, vegetables, fruit, herbs, bareroot trees, shrubs and fruit. Also new this year is a selection of soil and fertilizer products. Feel free to call or private message us with any questions! 

How it Works

Print & Complete the Contact Form

Download Contact Form

We’ll need your contact information as well as your delivery or pick-up preferences. Delivery is available within Aberdeen and curbside pick-up is an option as well. You can provide the date you’d like the order ready, we just need at least 24 hours to put it together. Check out the form for more details. 

Print & Complete Product Order Form(s)

Annuals | Planters, Hanging Baskets & 8″ Geraniums | Vegetables, Fruit & Herbs | Bareroot Trees, Fruit & ShrubsSoil & Fertilizers

Each form lists all of the products we have available along with the price. You’ll need to indicate how many you want of each product and in some cases make a color selection. Don’t worry about totaling things up, we’ll take care of that for you.  

Email or Stop by With All Completed Forms

Email Dana

Scan in your forms or snap a photo (one page per photo, please) and send it to us via email. You are welcome to drop them off at the store as well, check out 

Order Confirmation

Once we’ve received your order we’ll calculate a total and contact you to get your credit card information and to confirm the delivery or pick-up date. Please allow at least 24 hours from when your order is placed to when you’d like your order ready.