April Lawn & Garden Checklist

Lawn Garden

With spring upon us there’s much to do to get your lawn, garden and plants ready to go for the warmer months ahead.


  • Thatch and/or aerate your lawn (this must be done before applying your pre-emergent weed control)
  • Apply Fertilome For All Seasons Pre-emergent Weed Control with Fertilizer – this is for crabgrass control and other weeds
  • Plant grass seed (do not use For All Seasons when seeding, use Fertilome New Lawn Starter in those areas)
  • If you have brown spots from your pets, apply Lime or Gypsum to neutralize the soil


  • Till your garden and apply either Milorganite, Fertilome Gardener’s Special or Espoma Garden Food as a broadcast
  • Apply Espoma Worm Casings and Espoma Garden Manure
  • Plant your seed potatoes and onions in early April to Mid-April – be sure to apply Hi-Yield Super Phosphate to these crops and others that are harvested for their roots or are produced underground like carrots, beets, parsnips etc.
  • Mid-April plant earlier season vegetables such as radishes, carrots and beets.
  • Late April and early May plant cabbage and other cole crops like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.

Trees and Shrubs

  • Start your fungicide applications when buds start breaking:
    • Use Fertilome Broad Spectrum fungicide for leaf disease prevention such as anthracnose and leaf spot
    • On fruit trees use Fertilome Fruit Tree spray for blight or Immunox for control on Cedar Apple Rust and many other diseases
    • See our staff on frequency of applications.
  • Fertilize with Fertilome Tree Food in Mid to late April
  • Use Hi-Yield Iron with Soil Acidifier or Iron + for any trees showing iron deficiency last year
  • In Mid-April start planting bareroot trees from us, of course


  • Cut down any perennials that remain from last fall, including grasses
  • Fertilize with Fertilome Garden Cote or Fertilome Rose and Flower Food for slow release fertilization
  • In late April check out our selection of new varieties and oldies-but-goodies to add to your current gardens or start a new one
  • Apply Hi Yield Herbicide Granules to all of your flower beds for protection against weeds germinating


  • Start raking back leaves and mulch that were protecting your roses through the winter
  • Cut back to the point of where new growth has started (you will see the winter-killed branches have turned a purple/brown and the new growth has a green tint to them)
  • Apply Fertilome Rose and Flower Food every 6-8 weeks