Home gardeners are increasingly producing their own fruits and vegetables, many times planting plants that are permanent fixtures in their yards to enjoy the harvest for years to come. Some of those plants that are becoming planted more widely are strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, raspberries, and blueberries. While each plant is a great addition to the […]

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Mums Day Out

As the mornings grow cooler, it’s time to get rid of your tired summer annuals and make room for vibrant blooms of fall mums. Our fall mums have been a highlight for both our customers and us. Like our homegrown spring and summer annuals, our fall mums are grown right here under our watchful eye. […]

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Native plants have been a hot topic for several years. Natives can withstand drought, heat, and winter cold dormancy and will spread and reseed independently. While natives seem to answer every gardener’s prayers, sometimes they’re not the right plant for the urban landscape. The downfall of natives is the excessive spreading, unattractive flowers or foliage, […]

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Hello, spring! April is the month that makes it all count for a beautiful garden. Start preparing your lawn and garden for a beautiful growing season. Lawn Thatch and/or aerate your lawn (this must be done before applying your preemergent weed control). Apply Fertilome For All Seasons preemergent weed control with fertilizer for crabgrass control […]

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Houseplants have proven to be a popular sector of gardening. Whether you are looking for traditional or rare houseplants, tropical-looking plants are a fun addition to your home. One of our most “tropical” looking houseplants is the Bromeliad. We’ve enjoyed growing Bromeliads here are Parkview Nursery this season. Bromeliads have gotten a bad rap for […]

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Blue perennial plant looking beautiful

Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, we hear the same question, “When can I safely transplant the perennials in my yard?” Even though it would make sense to be able to transplant anytime the ground is not frozen, the transplanting process is a little different than the planting timeline. Since the transplanting process involves cutting […]

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We’ve designed our gardening kits to add a little joy to your routine while you’re stuck at home. These projects are great for all ages and really help to pass the time. We’ll be adding new projects regularly so please check back often! Kits are available for curbside pickup or delivery in Aberdeen. Order here >>

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You have planted the plants, watered and kept your landscape weeded, and now your perennials are getting too big!  This is a great problem to have. A thriving landscape will produce plants that occasionally need to have their size controlled. Dividing perennials is an easy process that will keep your plants blooming their best and […]

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Growing your own herbs is a wonderful way to add healthy nutrients and amazing flavor to any dish. Use your herbs fresh or save them for a later date by drying and and preserving them for future meals. Harvest Herbs Many of your herbs can be cut whenever you need them and will regrow quickly. […]

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DIY Seed Tape

There’s a trick of the trade our growers swear by: seed tape. Rather than sorting tiny garden seeds by hand, you can plant a strip of biodegradable seed tape with the seeds already inside. This dissolves into the soil giving you perfectly spaced plants. It also prevents birds from eating your freshly sown seeds or […]

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fall gardening

Here we are in mid-July and it’s hard not to think of fall days approaching. School is just around the corner, only a month away and we’ll soon start to feel those cooler autumn mornings. While you may think fall is just the time to start readying your yards and gardens for winter, it is […]

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Plant Watering

The temperature rises, rain is scarce and your plants are looking bleak. Sound familiar? Fortunately, this trend doesn’t have to happen to your garden. That’s why we emphasize watering. When planting, especially with high temperatures, plants experience transplant shock and easily will because their roots are confined to a small area. Proper watering keeps your […]

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The succulent train isn’t slowing down. If you’re a first timer at growing them, we’re to help! Succulents are easy to care for, as long as you know a few basics. Succulents are a group of plants that are considered drought tolerant and love lots of sun. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t […]

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