If you are an avid green thumb, or just an occasional gardener, it is always the right season to add houseplants to your home. We have been adding more varieties of houseplants to our selection and are mesmerized by the leaf color and texture that can be introduced to the indoor landscape. Check out some […]

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Houseplants are all the craze lately and it is about time! They’re a great way to bring nature inside during the colder months and then if desired take them outside. While we carry houseplants (we tend to call them tropicals) mainly in the spring and summer we still love to incorporate houseplants in our own […]

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In a world where succulents are all the rage, growers are experimenting with new and exciting varieties to introduce to the market. When looking for different succulents to bring to our customers, we were excited to find a succulent that would definitely make a statement. The Mangave is a cross between an Agave and a […]

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DIY Kokedama

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in gardening, you may have already heard about the next big thing: Kokedama. Roughly translated, it simply means moss ball. This is an easy and fun way to display your plants inside or outside. Plus, there are very few supplies needed to create your Kokedama so […]

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