The dog days of summer are here! We’re feeling the heat and so are our plants. They need to stay watered well throughout the summer, especially during this hot weather. Remember that all new plantings need deep waterings several times a week. Here’s how to keep your lawn & garden thriving this month. Garden Harvest […]

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Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your home! Get your lawn & garden on the right track for a productive growing season. Lawn Thatch and/or aerate your lawn (this must be done before applying your preemergent weed control) Apply Fertilome For All Seasons preemergent weed control with fertilizer for crabgrass control and other […]

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Summer Gardening Checklist

Your plants should be in full bloom by now and the right amount of sunshine and water will help them flourish all season long. Remember to never apply pesticide or fertilizer when the temperature is high, as it can damage plants that are desired. Lawn To prevent lawn fungus from spreading, we recommend applying F-Stop which […]

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October Gardening Checklist

Harvest is over and we’re headed into the holidays! Before you buy the turkey or deck the halls, give your garden a little TLC to prepare it for winter. Garden Remove all debris from the garden. Leaving debris will increase your chances of diseases and insects attacking next year’s plants. Amend your soil with cotton […]

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Cooler weather is just one of the many reasons we love fall gardening. In addition to keeping fresh produce on your table, this season offers fewer pests and diseases, less watering to be done and sweeter tasting produce. Here’s what should be next on your to-do list. Lawns Continue mowing your lawn as needed. Keep […]

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