Bare Root Tree Success

Bare root trees arrive at Parkview in April, which stirs our gardeners into growing mode.  The advantages of bare root trees are the roots are intact rather than being in a container so transplant shock is at a minimum. The cost is lower as well. Here are a few tips when selecting your bare root trees. While it is important to look at the branch structure of your tree, the tree will still develop its crown as it matures and gaps will be filled in, it is more important to look at the roots.  Abundant roots are important for water and nutrient uptake.

When planting remember to dig your hold 2-3 times wider than the roots, and only should be planted to a depth of the root flare. Planting any deeper will cause the roots to not get enough oxygen. Do not amend your soil; use only the soil that you dug out of your hole. Water your tree very well the first few seasons, supplementing as the tree matures. Plan on watering the tree 2 times a week, watering deeply (water from your sprinkler system is not deep enough to count as a watering). The first 4 weeks you should apply Fertilome Root Stimulator with your watering and no other fertilizer the first year. Stake trees as needed but take the stake off after the first year. Mulch applied around your tree will help with water retention.