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Colorful Perennials for Fall Planting

With the end of summer comes the inevitable preparation for winter. But wait just one second, we still have this glorious season of fall to enjoy! This time of year gives us one last burst of color before the monotony of white and brown settles in for winter. If you’re stuck on ideas for the… Read more »

Plant Watering

Don’t Let Your Plants Suffer: Water Them!

The temperature rises, rain is scarce and your plants are looking bleak. Sound familiar? Fortunately, this trend doesn’t have to happen to your garden. That’s why we emphasize watering. When planting, especially with high temperatures, plants experience transplant shock and easily will because their roots are confined to a small area. Proper watering keeps your… Read more »

winter kill

Winter Kill – What Happens Next?

After a bitter winter like we’ve had, it’s not surprising to see many plants that have died from winter kill. You may be wondering what that exactly is and why it would happen… here’s the scoop on winter kill. Winter kill occurs for a variety of reasons. This year, the main source was the cold… Read more »

Fall is for Planting!

Year after year we receive the same question, “Can I plant perennials, shrubs and trees in the fall?” The answer is YES! While many people may see plants browning and going into dormancy as a precursor to death, their path to dormancy is actually a great opportunity to have beautiful plants in the spring. Some… Read more »

Do you have a ‘winter garden?’

Winter for many is a time when gardening is put on hold. However, for the avid gardeners, winter is a time when, while they may not physically be out in their garden, they are planning for next season and enjoying their ‘winter garden.’

Fall Bulbs Mean Spring Beauty!

We’ve made it through the blazing heat of summer and now Old Man Winter is knocking on our door, but here at Parkview we are taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and thinking ahead to spring. The beautiful blooms of spring are always a refreshing site after a long winter, but a person needs to prepare in the fall in order to enjoy them.