Bulb Planting 101

Planting bulbs is a fun activity that the whole family can take part in. There are a few pieces of information that you must know before deciding what to plant and where. The first thing you must decide is whether you plan to plant hardy bulbs which are also known as spring bulbs, or if […]

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Blog Post Annual

Jolt Dianthus in Cherry Pink or Pink Magic This annual dianthus grows best in full sun and will keep blooming all season long! The pink flowers that bloom on tall stalks are showstoppers! Plant them in the ground or in containers watering them so they stay moist but do not like to be overly wet. Gomphrena Anyone […]

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If you’re like most gardeners, you stick to the staple annuals of geraniums, petunias, marigolds, impatiens, and you might splash in a few bacopa, sweet potato vines and spikes for an added flair to your containers. While these are all great plants for reliable annual growing, there are a few plants we would urge you […]

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South Dakota Evergreen

While most homeowners strive to have attractive landscapes all year long, that isn’t easily achieved during a South Dakota winter. However, there’s a few plants that provide color and interest, even during the cold season. Over the last year or so we have seen increased interest in evergreens. The texture of the needles, rich hues […]

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Plant Watering

The temperature rises, rain is scarce and your plants are looking bleak. Sound familiar? Fortunately, this trend doesn’t have to happen to your garden. That’s why we emphasize watering. When planting, especially with high temperatures, plants experience transplant shock and easily will because their roots are confined to a small area. Proper watering keeps your […]

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We’ve made it through the blazing heat of summer and now Old Man Winter is knocking on our door, but here at Parkview we are taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and thinking ahead to spring. The beautiful blooms of spring are always a refreshing site after a long winter, but a person needs to prepare in the fall in order to enjoy them.

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