Here Comes Fall!

fall gardening

Here we are in mid-July and it’s hard not to think of fall days approaching. School is just around the corner, only a month away and we’ll soon start to feel those cooler autumn mornings. While you may think fall is just the time to start readying your yards and gardens for winter, it is also a great time to plant your perennials, shrubs and trees in preparation of spring!

With the hustle and bustle of a new school year you may consider it too much of a hassle to plant a new landscape in autumn, but the environmental factors are a huge reason to change your mind! In contrast with spring, fall soils are warm and ready to encourage root growth in plants. The cooler air temps will also help decrease transplant shock. The combination of those two factors are a big bonus when planting your favorite perennials and shrubs. Also, we often get good fall rains, which help with watering your plants. Not to mention plants typically need less water in the fall. All of these factors will help with your planting success.

So, what should you be doing now to prepare for fall planting? Come in to Parkview Nursery and we can give you plant recommendations for your location. If you take a picture and get some measurements it will be even easier for us to help you select the perfect plants.

Start planting anytime from August through the end of autumn, and care for your plants as you would regularly. Make sure they are planted to the correct depth (top of the soil ball for perennials and shrubs, the root flare should be slightly showing for trees), and water to keep the soil moist for reduced stress on the plant. Remember to come in and see us for planting recommendations for your yard and garden this fall, you won’t be disappointed come springtime!