Topic: Winter

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Evaluating Winter Animal Damage

The long winter is almost behind us and as the snow has melted, there have been a few surprises left for us to find! While the snow was a great insulator for plants, it unfortunately also caused many of our animal friends to become very hungry due to buried food sources. Therefore, a favorite option… Read more »

Grow Your Own Sprouts

There’s just nothing better than eating fresh greens and veggies that were grown right in your backyard, from the labor of your own hard work. If you are a vegetable gardener, you have likely been harvesting some colorful veggies for quite some time by this point in the growing season. Sadly though, we are coming… Read more »

winter kill

Winter Kill – What Happens Next?

After a bitter winter like we’ve had, it’s not surprising to see many plants that have died from winter kill. You may be wondering what that exactly is and why it would happen… here’s the scoop on winter kill. Winter kill occurs for a variety of reasons. This year, the main source was the cold… Read more »

A Long Winter’s Nap

The days are growing shorter and the nights longer, and our gardens have officially been put to bed. Do not despair, though, the 2018 gardening season starts in roughly 17 short weeks. Winter is an important time for plants. During the growing season, plants spent much of their time preparing for this time of slumber…. Read more »

DIY Birch Bundle

The temps are cooler and the days are shorter, tis the season for our fresh winter greens and arrangements. Although many of you are dreading the long cold winter months ahead, warm your home with a beautiful Birch Bundle that can be kept inside or outside. What you will need for this easy, inexpensive winter… Read more »

Do you have a ‘winter garden?’

Winter for many is a time when gardening is put on hold. However, for the avid gardeners, winter is a time when, while they may not physically be out in their garden, they are planning for next season and enjoying their ‘winter garden.’