DIY Versatile Succulent Centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a fun and easy do-it-yourself planting craft you can use for décor, we have the perfect activity for you. This beautiful succulent centerpiece is quick to make and a perfect year-round indoor and outdoor decoration.

To start, pick a container that will be big enough for candles but shallow enough, so you don’t have to worry about drainage. We chose a 14 by 12-inch planter with a depth of about 6 inches when finished. The planter had a drainage hole in the center of the bottom, so we placed a piece of burlap down and set the center candle on top.

Then we took succulent soil and filled it to just below the top.

We placed two smaller candles on either side of our large candle and then incorporated eight small succulents. We wanted a mix of sizes and shapes but what you decide to use is based on your preferences. Once the succulents are planted mist the soil to lock in some moisture.

Our next step was to add moss. We chose two different types to play on all the shades of greens in the succulents, but you can use red, yellow or whatever you like. We finished off the project by adding small pieces of bark for more texture and interest. You could add just about anything you like to your centerpiece, another fun idea is to spray your project with glitter for an added pop of sparkle.