We haven’t been suffering in this heat for nothing! As long as you’ve been consistent with watering and weeding, you probably have a beautiful, lush lawn & garden to show for your hard work. Here’s how to keep it looking good. Lawn When mowing, leave the blades taller at around 3-3.5”. This will provide better […]

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Ahhh… summer is here and your garden should be hitting its stride as your flowers start to flourish. The right amount of water and sunshine will keep them looking great all season long. Lawn To prevent lawn fungus from spreading, we recommend applying F-Stop which protects your lawn and keeps it healthy. It’s also time to […]

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It’s the time of year that you finally get to enjoy all of your hard work and spring efforts. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this month! Lawn When mowing, leave the blades taller at around 3-3.5”.  This will provide better insulation and better water usage.  Roots also grow taller in relation to the height […]

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Your garden is finally starting to reflect all of the hard work you put in during the spring! Keep it on track with the top tips from our garden center to your home. Garden Harvest vegetables as they show signs of being ready. For tomatoes, apply Hi-Yield Bone Meal or Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate to lessen […]

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