Creeping Crabgrass is Back

Crabgrass Prevention

This spring was not a gardener’s friend and it found many people behind on their gardening to-do’s. One step that may have been left out this year is applying Crabgrass preventer to your lawn or applying it too late in the season. Crabgrass is an annual weed that germinates every year from seeds produced from plants the year before. You can identify Crabgrass with light green leaves, especially when young. As the plant matures, the crown of the plant turns a purple/red color. It grows prostrate to the ground and produces many seeds.

The best way to prevent Crabgrass is to apply Fertilome For All Seasons Crabgrass preventer and fertilizer. The product should be applied in the spring before the ground warms to 55 degrees, which is the temperature when Crabgrass will germinate. This product will prevent all grass seed from germinating so do not apply this if trying to seed desired grass.

If you missed an area, worked the ground in any area or just plain forgot to apply your Crabgrass preventer you will most likely see Crabgrass in your yard this year. There is a wonderful spray that, if applied early in the season, does an excellent job of killing Crabgrass but is safe to apply in lawns. Weed Out with Crabgrass Killer should be in your arsenal of herbicides to keep your lawn weed free as it will also kill many broadleaf weeds. When applying Weed Out, follow the label directions paying special attention to optimal temperatures for applying the product.

Crabgrass can be a nuisance weed, but with simple steps it is very easy to control. While you may not have Crabgrass in your yard, keep in mind that if your neighbor does, the seeds can easily blow into your lawn. If you need help identifying Crabgrass, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!