DIY Home Herb Gardening

Growing your own herbs is a wonderful way to add healthy nutrients and amazing flavor to any dish. Use your herbs fresh or save them for a later date by drying and and preserving them for future meals.

Harvest Herbs

  • Many of your herbs can be cut whenever you need them and will regrow quickly.
  • Don’t let herbs go to flower before you pick them. Pinch off the flowers as they appear until you are ready to harvest the herb.
  • Parsley and Basil can be harvested in bunches before they mature and go to seed.
  • Wash your herbs before you proceed to dry and preserve them.

Dry Herbs

  • You need a warm, dry indoor area to hang the herbs.
  • Hang them in small bunches with plenty of air between them.
  • When the herbs are dry, strip the leaves off the branches and seal in bags or jars.
  • Make sure they are crispy dry before you seal them up.