July Gardening Checklist

Your garden is finally starting to reflect all of the hard work you put in during the spring! Keep it on track with the top tips from our garden center to your home.


  • Harvest vegetables as they show signs of being ready.
  • For tomatoes, apply Hi-Yield Bone Meal or Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate to lessen the effect of blossom end rot.
  • For vegetables, Apply Fertilome Broad Spectrum Fungicide or Immunox to prevent diseases such as blight.
  • For weeds, Apply Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules to prevent them from germinating (you must weed first).
  • Early July to Mid July fertilize your garden with Espoma Garden Food.


  • If you had grub problems last year now is the time to apply Grub Free Zone to your lawn.
  • Mow your lawn so blades are 2-2 ½” minimum.  The roots grow in correlation to the length of the blade.  The longer the blade the deeper the roots.


  • Fertilize once a week with any of our water soluble Fertilome products or see a sales associate about granular slow release fertilizer.
  • Roses can be fertilized with Fertilome Rose and Flower Food.
  • Watch for diseases such as powdery mildew.  Apply Fertilome Broad Spectrum to prevent diseases.
  • Apply Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules to prevent weeds from germinating (must weed first)
  • Apply Fertilome Over the Top or Ortho Grass B Gone to flower gardens to kill unwanted grass growing.


  • Deadhead summer flowering shrubs as needed and shape throughout the season.

It is important to keep all plants well-watered throughout the summer season.  All new plantings should be deeply watered several times a week.