Container gardening has been a staple of gardening for many years. Many gardeners will literally plant into anything they find, such as shoes, buckets, cowboy hats- I’ve been known to plant into old baseball gloves. Whatever container you use, remember that there a few “rules” to follow! Container gardening will only be as successful as […]

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Planting Memories

We all have memories from our childhood that influence a part of our life today. For many of us, plants that were present as children are memories that we still look back on at times and want to recreate. As a child, I will never forget the lilacs blooming along the driveway and the peonies […]

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Succulent Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a fun and easy do-it-yourself planting craft you can use for décor, we have the perfect activity for you. This beautiful succulent centerpiece is quick to make and a perfect year-round indoor and outdoor decoration. To start, pick a container that will be big enough for candles but shallow enough, so […]

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Blue perennial plant looking beautiful

Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, we hear the same question, “When can I safely transplant the perennials in my yard?” Even though it would make sense to be able to transplant anytime the ground is not frozen, the transplanting process is a little different than the planting timeline. Since the transplanting process involves cutting […]

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This month is gentle on gardeners! Our hard planting is done and our landscapes are starting to reflect the work we’ve put in. All our plants need now is sunshine, plenty of water, and a few remaining tasks crossed off our to-do lists. Lawn To prevent lawn fungus from spreading, we recommend applying F-Stop which protects […]

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The grass is green, tulips are up, and the lilacs are budding! Our midwestern landscape has already begun putting on a spectacular show for us. Take advantage of the great weather and pretty scenery with a few tasks in your lawn & garden. Garden Finish planting your garden starting in mid-May. You may want to […]

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It’s a beautiful day but don’t let the weather fool you! We aren’t out of the woods quite yet. That’s why you should start your spring bulbs in a planter so you can bring them outside as needed. Dana shows you how in the video below.

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Is it spring yet?

Hello from all of us at Parkview Nursery! In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are making changes in our greenhouse and nursery. We’re doing everything we can to ensure your health and safety while remaining open, due to the importance of keeping our plants alive and flourishing for the spring planting season. If you […]

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Is it spring yet?

Is It Spring Yet?

Spring has decided to make a late entrance this year but it’s bound to show up sometime, right? With a cold and wet spring like this one, you may wonder when you will finally be able to start working in your garden. We are wondering that too, but there are many things that can be […]

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