Is It Spring Yet?

Is it spring yet?

Spring has decided to make a late entrance this year but it’s bound to show up sometime, right? With a cold and wet spring like this one, you may wonder when you will finally be able to start working in your garden. We are wondering that too, but there are many things that can be done now as you wait for spring temperatures to arrive!

Even though the weather man says it could be weeks until temperatures start to rise, there are still several things you can start to prepare for the day you can get into the garden. Buying your seeds and fertilizer now will allow you the chance to be in the garden on the first possible day to plant. Our Olds Seeds are in stock, as well as seed potatoes and onion sets. Select from a large selection of fertilizers to perfectly feed your plants at planting time.

As the temps start to increase, even though you cannot plant your pots, you can start to place them around your house. Our large selection of pottery is in stock and we have new and unique designs. Our potting soil is also in stock which is always great to have on hand to be ready for planting. We suggest using Fertilome potting soil for superior plant growth.

Bare root trees have also arrived and they look great this year! We have the option for you to purchase your trees early and you can leave them in our bare root cellar until the weather clears up. This works well for those who like first pick at our trees as many of them will sell out quickly. We also have some goodie but oldie varieties, as well as a few that are completely new. The Prairie Reflection Willow is a Laurel Willow that is a great non-weeping variety. We are also carrying Westcot Apricot, which is self-pollinating.

If you’ve already checked those items off your shopping list, stop in at Parkview and check out all that is new this year! We have several interesting varieties of annuals and perennials growing in our greenhouses. Notable new annual varieties include new petunias, calibrachoa and agyranthemum. We are also introducing new tomato and pepper varieties, as well as perennial varieties in daylilies, sedum, salvia and phlox. Plus, don’t forget all the new succulent varieties. As you walk through our plants, get a dose of spring and start making your plans for the must-have plants of the season. Be sure to stop in soon to get the plants you want as they are bound to fly out of the door!