DIY Mixed Evergreen Dish

DIY Evergreen Dish

It may be cold and snow is still covering the ground but we are ready for spring here at Parkview! We’ve been seeing green for over a month in our greenhouses, and at this point, we are eagerly waiting for the warmer days when we start seeing green outside too. We have been receiving all kinds of exciting shipments over the past few weeks and one of our favorites has been the mini evergreens. To curb our spring fever, we’ve put together a mixed evergreen landscape. It is a cute little dish you can keep green all year round inside/outside.

For this project, you’ll need an assortment of mini evergreens, a small planter, soil, moss, rock and mini accessories of your choosing. When choosing your planter, be sure it has adequate drainage so the roots of your plants aren’t sitting in water for an extended period of time. Start by filling your planter with soil, keeping in mind that your evergreen root balls will take up significant space, so don’t fill it all the way just yet. Before you place your evergreens in, be sure to rough up the root ball a little to ensure they aren’t root-bound. Place your evergreens in the planter and fill in with soil around the roots. Be sure the plants are in deep enough to cover the roots completely with soil. Once your evergreens are properly in place, you can add your moss and rock. This step is completely up to how creative you want to be with your landscape. Feel free to add little pathways or simply cover the soil with moss. Next, add your mini accessories if you have chosen to include them in your landscape. Another idea is to place some back or a rock collection amongst your mini landscape as well.

As simple as that, we have created a mini landscape that you can keep in your home throughout the season or, in warmer months, outside on a patio table. Be sure to keep your soil evenly moist. If the planter is inside, that may mean watering once a week or every other. If the planter is outside, you may need to water ever few days if the weather is hot. The easiest way to know if you need to water is by feeling the soil and if there is moisture there, leave it. If it is dry to the touch, it needs water. We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers and our warmer weather this season! Happy spring and happy planting!