Garden to Plate Living

Home gardeners are increasingly producing their own fruits and vegetables, many times planting plants that are permanent fixtures in their yards to enjoy the harvest for years to come. Some of those plants that are becoming planted more widely are strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, raspberries, and blueberries.

While each plant is a great addition to the home garden, research on how these plants grow and if special soil or fertilizer requirements are needed will better determine if some of these plants are a good fit for you. For instance, blueberries are hardy in this area, but if soil pH is a factor, that could prevent home gardeners from growing them. Blueberries require an acidic soil pH, which would require the soil in this area to be amended for them to grow and produce reliably.

Magazines and social media posts will often show strawberries growing in cute containers on a patio. While this is possible throughout the growing season, those strawberries will not withstand our cold winters in those containers. For homeowners wanting to grow strawberries as a perennial, select hardy varieties and plant them in the ground. Strawberries should also be covered with straw after several freezes in the fall, but before snowfall and extreme temperature drops.

Asparagus faces very few issues with home gardeners except patience is a virtue. Establishing asparagus is a longer process than most plants, by digging a trench and adding soil back into the trench over a several-week period. Harvesting asparagus also occurs a year or two after planting to ensure proper establishment, which will allow you to have the largest harvests.

While all home gardens are different, planting perennial vegetables and fruits will provide for your family for years to come. Our perennial vegetables and fruits are available by bareroot and/or container selections. Stop in for our vast selection of all fruits and vegetables!