Planting Memories

We all have memories from our childhood that influence a part of our life today. For many of us, plants that were present as children are memories that we still look back on at times and want to recreate. As a child, I will never forget the lilacs blooming along the driveway and the peonies in the backyard of my family farm. My Grandma Roth always planted geraniums in her brick planter in front of her house, and my Grandma Lukkes planted moss roses in her whiskey barrels. When I select plants for my home, those plants are often some of my top picks.

Nostalgia planting has been trending because plants that our moms and grandmas used to plant were hardy and reliable, and created a place in our mind that reminds us of home. Roses, peonies, lilac, and hydrangeas are all popular plants that have seen steady or increased popularity among younger gardeners, and they should be! Gardeners want to be successful, and when planting varieties of plants that have been planted for generations, there are rarely any issues with these plants. If you’re looking for plants that create nostalgia this year, here are a few options.

Incrediball Hydrangea

The Incrediball Hydrangea is just like the old-fashioned white hydrangea but has improved strength in the stems. Plant this beauty in a part sun location.

Bloomerang Lilac

Love lilac blooms, and are sad when they are done in the spring? The Bloomerang Lilac is a re-blooming lilac that will give you blooms sporadically through the season.

First Editions Easy Elegance Roses

There are wide varieties of shrub roses in this series that are all great for our area. Roses from this series carried at Parkview are all hardy for this area, and most are re-blooming varieties!


So many varieties are worth planting, but Itoh peonies are some of our favorites. Itoh is a cross between the tree peony and garden peony, and are they ever wonderful! Large flowers on sturdy branches make them a must-have for your yard!

If you need a little help walking down memory lane, stop in and see us and let us help you plant memories!