March Lawn & Garden Checklist

This is the last month to rest before the busy spring season in the garden. However, if your green thumb is itching there are a few tasks that can be started now!


  • Buy your Olds Garden Seed
  • Eggplant and cole crops (depending on outdoor planting dates) can be started early for early outdoor seeding.
  • Make seed tapes for your row crops.

Trees and Shrubs

  • You can plant trees and shrubs this month but you should be finished well before the plants come out of dormancy
  • If thinning plants, remember the rule of thirds, where no more than one-third of the plant should be trimmed off. Make sure your cutting tool is sharp and clean it between plants.


  • Hydrangeas can be trimmed just as the leaf buds start to swell. Prune to thin the branches and also take off old flower buds.
  • If enough snow melts where you can get to your perennials from last year, you can start clearing away some of the dead plant material if you did not have a chance to cut it off last fall.  However, leave some plant material for added insulation in case we get a cold spell yet this spring.

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