Why is Summer Watering So Important?

In our attempt to better educate the home gardener, this summer is a perfect opportunity to show the importance of proper watering. Just like the human body, plants are made up of a high percentage of water, so why not make sure that plants have water available like we do our own bodies?

New plants and plants that are not yet established should be watered on a regular basis. However, with how extremely dry we are right now in this area, established plants would also benefit from an occasional watering. We suggest watering any plants planted within the last year a minimum of three times a week. Each watering should be a slow, deep watering. The best way to accomplish this is to lay a hose out and let it slowly water each plant. For perennials and small shrubs, leave the water running for at least 5-10 minutes. For larger shrubs, water this way for at least 15 minutes. Trees need 20-30 minutes. Any plants older than a year should be watered at least 2 times a week. If you are seeing your plants wilting earlier then this time frame, you should water more often.

We often receive calls from customers about how bad their plants look and they feel as though they are watering enough. Unfortunately, with our drought conditions, it rarely is enough water. Watering should always be done early mornings or in the evening and avoid watering the leaves as they do not take up water. If you have a sprinkler system, that is great for your lawn, however do not assume you are watering enough for your landscape plants.  Sprinkler systems are designed to water the top 2-3 inches of soil. When you plant a plant, are the roots only 3 inches deep? Nope! By following the watering directions and guidelines above you will water deeper and reach your deepest roots.

If you have questions about watering or plant health, please talk to us! Remember we are gardeners too and we often have the same problems with our plants that many others have.