June Lawn & Garden Checklist

Summer is finally here and with these high temperatures, your lawn and garden may need some extra attention. Here are our early summer tips for helping your plants flourish!


  • Water your plants regularly. Plants need more water as the temperatures increase and as they start to flower and produce fruit.
  • Apply fungicides before you see evidence of diseases. We recommend “Broad Spectrum Fungicide and Copper Fungicide.”
  • Fertilize your plants again in late June or early July. A great choice for long lasting fertilizer is “Espoma Garden Food.”


  • Deadhead any plants that have finished flowering to promote more blooms if they are a rebloomer.
  • Water plants on a regular basis, especially if there is little rain.

Trees and Shrubs

  • Lilacs and other early spring bloomers should be trimmed before the 4th of July. Trimming after that point will take the flower buds off for next year resulting in no flowers for the year.
  • Water all trees and shrubs if we continue to have dry conditions. Slow, deep watering is the best way to get moisture deep into the profile. Lack of water will decrease the vigor for next year.
  • Mulch your plants to keep the roots cool. Hydrangeas and clematis will especially benefit from this.


  • During this heat and low amounts of rain fall you may be tempted to fertlilze your lawn to promote growth. Unless you are watering regularly, we do not recommend this.  Your cool season lawn will start to go into dormancy with these high temps which is a normal response. It is a good idea to still water your lawn when it is still in dormancy to keep the roots alive. Not watering could kill the entire plant.
  • It is also time to start applying “Kill a Grub II.” This product will have to be watered into the soil profile to be effective.

Please note when making any pesticide or fertilizer application to not apply when the temps are high. This can damage plants that are desired.