Early Summer Flowering Plants

As we walk through the nursery, this is a time when many plants have either finished flowering or are not quite ready to bloom yet. However, there are a few gems that are just starting to show Mother Nature’s hand in beauty. When we suggest plants to our customers, we always help them pick plants that will alternately flower, producing color all season long. This time period is limiting since not as many plants are flowering. To help with your decision making, here are a few plants that will add a little extra color!

Gaillardia: These large daisy-like flowers provide bright red and yellow blooms that can last a long time if deadheaded. These plants are great for hot and dry areas but the flowers can spread by seed so take caution if planting into mulch.

Poppies: The poppy flower does not flower long but it is a must-have in every garden. This old fashioned flower is often sold in orange and red tones and our current variety is drop dead gorgeous! This is another plant that prefers full sun in a semi-dry location. After the flower has dried, let the entire plant dry and then cut it down as it goes into dormancy.

Peonies: This old time favorite is making a comeback! The large, dramatic flowers can provide a lot of “wow.” If you are looking for something a little different, check out our Itoh peonies. They are a cross between the garden and tree peony and they are awesome! Peonies are very hardy, however are picky with the depth of the planting. Talk to our experts if you have questions.

Roses: Roses are much easier to grow than people give them credit for; the trick is selecting the correct variety. We only sell roses that are “own root,” which is important because roses can die back to the root during winter. With grafted roses which are made up of two different varieties, they will not be the same rose for top and root! However, our roses will come back year after year as the same variety you bought. All of our roses are hardy for our area with the zones being either a 3 or 4. We love roses and would be happy to talk you through growing your own roses!

Stop by any time you would like to get more ideas to increase the color in your garden. We carry many varieties not found in other nurseries.