Fall is for Planting

Fall Planting

Fall, the crisp mornings alerting animals and plants that cold days are ahead. Many people believe that this is not the time to plant. That is false! Fall is actually the best time to be planting as the soil is warm allowing for important root growth. Plants may also receive less transplant shock from the cooler temps. Fall planting is great for those with busy springs especially for events like weddings and graduations!

Ideally, fall planting should be done from Mid-August to mid to late October, however if the ground has not frozen you can still plant into November. All perennials, trees and shrubs are safe for fall planting, and don’t forget your fall bulbs!

Treat all plantings as you do in the spring, digging your hole to the correct depth and width. Also make sure you are keeping your new plantings moist so enough moisture is available to the roots for growth and dormancy needs.