Creating a Beautiful Container Garden

When planning your container gardens take into consideration the spot your container will be sitting. Always select plants with the same light requirements in order for them to thrive.  Place you tallest plants in the middle or the back if your container will sit against a building. Your plants in the middle should mound around and be sure to include plants to trail along the edge.

Our rule of thumb is to remember a Thriller, Filler and Spiller when picking out plants.  The Thriller is the exciting eye catching plant, the Filler the plants that compliment but not take away from the Thriller, and your Spiller is your trailing plants. You don’t have to limit plants to just annuals – use herbs, perennials and shrubs for added appeal and texture to your combination. 

Proper fertilizing and watering is important in ongoing container success.  I like to use Fertilome’s Start and Grow at planting time and again in mid to late summer eliminating weekly fertilizer applications!  Water as needed keeping the soil moist but not soggy, always water deeply until water is draining out of the drainage holes.  Remember morning watering is the best time to be watering allowing foliage to dry faster.