Winter Gardening Checklist

Winter is finally here, and with it comes the end of gardening season. However, you still need to take care of your outdoor environment to properly prepare for next spring!


Plan your garden now so you know what you have room for next season. Remember to rotate your garden so the same types of plants aren’t in the same area. This will help prevent diseases from spreading year after year. Stop into Parkview Nursery mid-February to be one of the first to check out our awesome selection of Olds Garden Seed!

Trees and Shrubs

If you were waiting to cut your shrubs back for rejuvenation this is the time to be doing so.  Leave 6-12” of those shrubs that need to start over. Trimming in general can be done at this time, but check with a professional to be sure the trees you’re looking to trim should be done in the winter.


If we have an open winter, you can trim the old foliage back at any time. Open winters can be hard on perennials, so it’s best to mulch the plants in for an extra insulation blanket to prevent winter kill. Be planning what new perennials you want for next season. We’ll start planting mid-March, so stop by and relieve some spring fever with us early in the season!