Houseplants are Back

Houseplants are all the craze lately and it is about time! They’re a great way to bring nature inside during the colder months and then if desired take them outside. While we carry houseplants (we tend to call them tropicals) mainly in the spring and summer we still love to incorporate houseplants in our own homes after the growing season outside ends. For those of you who love unique plants, here are a few that you will want to look for at Parkview Nursery this spring!

Camouflage Variegated Japanese Aralia (left) was new last year at the nursery and it was a knockout! The striking variegated leaves were eyecatching. This plant prefers partial sun or filtered sun locations. Keep the soil moist to slightly dry and it will do great. As a bonus it will bloom in late fall and winter with white ball-shaped flowers.

Winged Phoenix Schefflera (right) is a durable plant that can withstand full sun but should be watered on a regular basis as they do prefer to be evenly moist. The leaves emerge a bright green and fade to a silver hue with yellow petioles. Purple fruit can develop in late summer.