DIY Baseball Planter

Baseball Gardening

It’s America’s favorite past time and now you can enjoy baseball all season with container gardening! This month plant a baseball with violas and use as a centerpiece or garden accent. The process is very simple!

Materials needed:

  • White and red violas or pansies
  • Container of desired size
  • Fertilome Ultimate Potting Soil

Start with a container of any size and high quality potting soil such as Fertilome Ultimate Potting Soil. Fill your container and water down. Set it to the side for a few minutes and let drain. When the soil is drained you can then start planting your pansies.

Start in the middle of the container with your white violas. Plant 2 along the middle edge, then plant two singly down the middle of the container. End with two more white violas at the other edge. Next, take your red violas and create the curve of the stitching. After you have planted those you can finish off with the rest of your white violas to complete the baseball. Keep in mind that you may use less or more depending on the size of your container.

After planting lightly water the container to settle the soil. Make sure to be fertilizing with Fertilome Rooting and Blooming fertilizer and Fertilome Pansy, Geranium and Hanging Basket fertilizer to promote healthy plants and blooms all season.