Do It Yourself Air Plant Stands!

Air plants are the latest and greatest craze. Have you heard about these crazy little plants? They thrive without any soil, on the air and water around them. They make for great house plants because they are low maintenance and can be displayed in very cute, modern ways that would match anyone’s design choices.

When choosing how to display your air plant keep in mind that you will need to be able to submerge your air plant in water once a week so it must be able to be taken from its display or the display must be able to be submerged in water as well. If you are unable to keep up on watering, misting your air plant will suffice as well.

I have chosen to make a metal wire stand for my air plant. They are ridiculously cheap and easy to make. What you will need is a piece of wire about 2-3 feet long, (longer depending on how intricate you want your wiring to be), a pair of needle nose pliers, and beads or rocks are optional.

Pinch one end of the wire with your pliers and start wrapping it into a coil. Once you have wrapped a good size circle, push the coil down into a cone shape with your fingers, this is where your air plant will rest. The extra wire that you have will be bent down to suspend your air plant in the air. Add some of your favorite beads or wire some rocks into the design to add a little something extra. I chose to keep mine simple and simply add curves to the wire. Once you have everything the way you want, bend the last of your wire into a circle to create the base of your stand. It will take a little fiddling to achieve the correct balance, but take your time and bend the wire as needed. Once finished insert your air plant and display your stand where there’s plenty of sunlight. Don’t forget to water your little friend and enjoy your new air plant!