Houseplants for Every Home

If you are an avid green thumb, or just an occasional gardener, it is always the right season to add houseplants to your home. We have been adding more varieties of houseplants to our selection and are mesmerized by the leaf color and texture that can be introduced to the indoor landscape. Check out some of our favorites and decide which one is right for you!


We carry several varieties with each one worthy of making a debut to your home. Also known as “snake plant” or “mother in law tongue”, Sanseveria does well in indirect to low light. It is best to water the plant deeply and then allow to dry out entirely. You can allow the plant to stay dry in between waterings.



Anglonema growth is generally going to lead to larger plants that display colorfully decorated leaves. Indirect bright light is best and allow the plant to dry out about half way before watering again.


Known for the long vines this plant produces, we will often see this plant in gold hues as well as deep green. The Silver Satin variety is unique and adds extra interest to the leaf. This easy to grow houseplant prefers indirect bright light and allow the plant to dry out half way between watering again.


Known commonly as prayer plant, will require a little more attention than other plants. Best in bright indirect light, the watering requirements are a slightly pickier than with other plants. The prayer plant should remain slightly wet with slight drying in between watering. The two varieties we currently have are Beauty star and Burle Maxx which both provide unique leaf coloring.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

You have probably heard this plant referred to as the ZZ plant has been very popular in social media posts. This houseplant is extremely easy to grow. The ZZ plant will grow best in bright indirect light. Water this plant infrequently as they are considered as a drought tolerant plant. Place the plant in a spot out of reach of young children and pets as the plant is poisonous.

This is a very small selection of houseplants that are available but we encourage you if you have not tried houseplants yet, or are wanting to add more to your collection to add houseplants that match your ability.