Give Mangave a Try!

In a world where succulents are all the rage, growers are experimenting with new and exciting varieties to introduce to the market. When looking for different succulents to bring to our customers, we were excited to find a succulent that would definitely make a statement. The Mangave is a cross between an Agave and a Manfreda and brings out the best of both plants.

Historically in the Midwest, Agave are slow growers which in turn will frustrate the homegrower as they will see little growth by the time fall freezes arrive. The Mangave does however inherit the refinement of the leaves and sturdiness of an Agave. The Manfreda parent has a faster growth rate and often has purple or reddish splotches on their floppy leaves. The growth rate and splotches were inherited by the Mangave. With the habits of faster growth rate, sturdy leaves and interesting coloring this succulent is a sure winner for the home garden.

We have had the opportunity to grow Mangaves this season at Parkview and have loved the unique leaf patterns and the habit of these plants. As the heat of the summer arrived, the growth rate of the Mangave increased to develop into beautiful plants. While every variety is different, the average size of a Mangave is 20” but keep in mind some varieties can grow to be much larger. We have also been experimenting with the cold hardiness of this plant. We have left several varieties in our non-heated greenhouse this fall, and while the greenhouse is warmer than outside, the plants have experienced freezing temperatures with no effect to the plant. Studies on this plant have shown that Mangaves can withstand freezing temps to about 0 degrees. Check out varieties that we grew this year!

A. The Silver Fox variety is our smallest variety and will mature to about 10” tall and 16” wide. The silver/ blue foliage is a great accent to your succulent collection.

B. Moonglow is a beauty which will have more dramatic spots when exposed to more light! When light levels are lower, the spots help give this plant the illusion of glowing. This variety will grow to about 20” wide and 10” tall.

C. Chocolate Chip also sports the beautiful purple spots that is characteristic of the parent Manfreda. This variety will lay flatter but will widen out to 2-3 feet! The wavy slender leaves are a unique addition to the Mangave family.

If you are a succulent enthusiast, we encourage you to give these new plants a try – we have a great selection available. They will make great houseplants this winter as well! Happy Gardening!