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Should trees, shrubs, and perennials be fertilized? YES!

Homeowners often find that after many years of growth, trees, shrubs, and perennials start to look tired and decrease in vigor. There is most likely a very simple reason for that: trees, shrubs, and perennials all need a regular supply of nutrients to sustain healthy growth and ensure the plants’ vitality.

While many may argue that plants in forest and prairie locations do not receive fertilizer, so why should homeowners need to fertilize their plants, the soil in native locations is constantly refreshed with organic matter, providing nutrients to plants. If our urban soils were as rich as native soils, plants would thrive with little need for additional nutrients. The only way to confirm plants receive the correct nutrients is to fertilize them in mid to late spring every year. While you may be tempted to use national brand liquid soluble fertilizers, we can honestly tell you that those fertilizers are not helping your plants. When fertilizing trees, shrubs, and perennials, we recommend granular fertilizers. Fertilome Tree & Shrub Food is our only choice for fertilizing trees and shrubs planted for one season or more. Perennials responded well to Milorganite, and Fertilome Start and Grow.

When applying fertilizer to plants, always follow the directions and apply the amount appropriate for the plant size. Over-fertilizing can cause damage and possibly kill the plant. Do not allow the fertilizer to touch the stem or foliage. Apply the fertilizer along the drip line of trees and shrubs, and water it in at the time of application. With proper fertilization, plants can remain healthy and vigorous. Before your plants look like they need fertilizer, make sure it is a priority on your late spring to-do list!