Gardening in the Heat!

It’s that time of the summer where the heat is forcing you to be by the pool or in the air conditioned house rather than spending time in the garden. As relaxing as this sounds, don’t forget your plants may be thirsty! The best time to water your plants is in the morning, followed by late afternoon; however we strongly suggest watering in the morning to help prevent diseases. Refrain from watering in the late morning and afternoon as it is not as efficient and may cause the leaves to burn if water droplets are left on the leaves. If you are unsure if your plants need water, simply feel the soil to see if it’s moist. Your plants will also give you signs of needing water. If leaves begin to droop and feature a gray color tone, you can take that as a reminder to water. Some plants will naturally droop when planted in an overly sunny area even if well-watered. Watch Hydrangeas and Hostas most for this and see if it’s possible they should be moved to a more shaded area.

Many times people are tempted to spray herbicides on their lawns in the summer as this is when they notice weeds. There are several factors to consider if applying such sprays.

  • Are the weeds actively growing? If not, the spray will not be taken up by the plant.
  • How hot is it outside? Many herbicides shouldn’t be sprayed in high temp conditions as they will damage the plants not intended to be killed.
  • It is best to spray when temps are below 85 degrees. The spray should only be applied in early morning or late evening. While spraying herbicides in the summer will work, the best time to spray is in the fall.

Are you worried about planting in the middle of the summer? This is a very valid concern with high temperatures that may cause stress on the plant. Planting can still be done in the summer, however we suggest you don’t plant in the middle of the day if temps are high. It is best to plant in the morning or evening, and to water the plant well at planting time.

Do you need help with your garden, or have questions? We would love to help. Simply bring in pictures of an area you would like to plant, or bring samples in a Ziploc bag of diseases/insects and we can help you get rid of whatever migh be hurting your plants.

Happy Heat Gardening!