Hanging Bee & Butterfly Watering Station

Bee Butterfly Water Station

Summer is heating up and we are halfway through the year. This month, we took a week to pay special attention to our beloved pollinators. Here’s one way to encourage a good habitat for your pollinators, with just a few simple materials.

For this simple project, you’ll need a saucer that holds water (a decorative plate is a fun alternative), colorful rocks, twine and a little water. You can also accessorize with beads, small silk flowers and a hot glue gun.

The first step is to make your hanger out of twine. Similar to the hanger we created for our Kokedama project last month, cut two long pieces of twine and fold them in half together. Tie a knot in both ends creating a loop to hang from and a sling area to rest your saucer into. Make sure to accommodate for the size of your saucer or plate when cutting your twine. Before tying the knot to create your sling, you can thread the beads onto the four pieces of twine for a more interesting watering station. If you would like to add some silk flowers to your hanger, it’s time to glue them on as well.

Now that your hanger is made, set your saucer inside the sling and place your decorative rocks into the saucer. The rocks are important because they provide a landing pad for your pollinators to rest on while they drink from the water. Find a good place to hang your watering station, such as near your pollinator garden. Fill your saucer with a little water and you’re done!

There are many different ways you can provide water for your pollinators but this is one simple way to add a decorative piece to your garden and make your pollinators happy. Keep the water fresh and enjoy watching your pollinators flourish throughout the season!