How and When to Bring Your Potted Plants Inside

Fall is fast approaching, and with the temperatures starting to drop, frost will eventually find its way here. While many plants start to show fall color and begin the transition to dormancy, some plants will die with temperatures that are too cold. Do you want your hard work to be done for the season? If not, you should start to plan to take them inside soon before temperatures reach a low of 40 degrees.

Many plants may not worth keeping through the winter as they are overgrown or just not looking good this time of year, however if you planted houseplants or tropicals and have planted them in pots they can easily be taken inside to enjoy all winter long. There are some simple steps to follow when taking plants inside your home for winter to keep your plants and you happy!

First clean up your plants taking off any leaves that are damaged. Damaged or dead leaves can attract insects such as fungus gnats to start feeding on the decaying material. Next look at the plant to ensure that it is not overgrown in your pot. Typically, a plant should be in a container that is 1/3 of the size of the plant. If you decide to repot your plant, carefully slide the plant out of your container and repot using Fertilome Ultimate Potting Soil.

Insects will often hitchhike their way into the home without you even knowing it. Before you carry your plants in spray your them with either Bonide Insecticidal Soapor or Bonide Eight. These sprays will help get rid of those pesky insects, but you should also apply Bonide Houseplant Insect Systemic Granules.  This product will systemically protect your plants from insects trying to harm them for up to 8 weeks. Make sure you reapply the product every 6-7 weeks for all winter protection.

With these steps finished you can now enjoy your plants inside while watching the snow falling outside this winter and you can still get your green thumb fix. For added benefit to your home check out which plants benefit sleep and are great oxygenators for your home!

Questions? Feel free to stop into our garden center and chat with one of our friendly experts!