DIY Pumpkin Luminaire

DIY Luminaire

October is here and you know what that means, it’s finally pumpkin season. We’ve got some adorable pumpkin luminaires here at Parkview that are so versatile and make for a great fall decoration that will last for years. When you decorate with these you won’t have to worry about a pumpkin sitting on your front step too long and rotting. Very similar to the pottery we carry, the pumpkins are made of terra cotta so they are very durable and will fit in with any style that you have currently going on at your place. There is more than just one way you can spice up your pumpkin display: leave it simply as is, place a string of lights in it or turn it into a small fairy garden, like we did!

For this quick little project you will need a pumpkin luminaire (several designs available), some coco liner, soil, fairy accessories, moss and decorative rock. The first step is to line the bottom of your pumpkin with coco liner. This is only necessary if your pumpkin has holes on the bottom half – several of our designs do not have those holes so you could skip using the coco liner. Next, put the soil inside your pumpkin. We filled ours to be nearly even with the large hole so the fairy scene can be built at that viewing level. If you wanted to, you could plant something in there such as a succulent or pansy. However, since the growing period is short with this project and sun exposure is limited, we chose to add greenery with moss instead. To do so, place your moss and pat it down so it stays securely in place. We used some shiny, decorative pebbles to brighten up the inside. When the sun catches the pebbles the light catches your eye and makes you want to look inside. Once you have your moss and rock in place, you can add your fairy accessories. We went with a Halloween theme but you can choose to make yours more of a fall scene if you aren’t a big decorator for Halloween.

It’s easy as that. If you want your pumpkin to be noticed at night, add a little battery operated tea light, or string of lights. Now days many of them are able to be set on a timer so set it to turn on at night and enjoy your little fairy garden pumpkin for even longer throughout the day. We really enjoyed putting this project together and hope you like it as well! Have a bountiful harvest season and a safe Halloween!