How To Plant Tulips in the Fall

With the vibrant yellow and red leaves blowing in the wind, football games every weekend and pumpkin… everything, there’s no doubt it’s autumn. Lucky for our green thumbs, fall is the perfect time to plant tulip bulbs as the cool air keeps fungal growth at bay meaning your bulbs are safe from disease.

Now that you know it’s time to plant, you need to decide where to plant. Tulips are most successful in crumbly soil that is easy to work and well-drained because bulbs may rot in soil that’s too wet. When evaluating your location, avoid places where you can still see puddles five to six hours after a rainstorm. Those are low spots that will hold moisture. Full or scattered sunlight both work well for tulips as well.

When you stop over at Parkview Nursery to pick up your bulbs, plan on 9 to 12 bulbs per square foot and groups of 50 or more bulbs. For a fuller look you’ll want 2″ to 3″ of space between the bulbs. You can plant as far apart as 4″ for a less-full look.

Before you get your hands dirty, watch the video below as Dana walks you through how to successfully plant your fall tulips for a gorgeous spring bloom.