Identifying & Fighting Insects

Aphids on Plants

It is that time of year where you may discover lots branches with tiny little green or black insects on them and wonder what they are. 95% of the time those little insects are aphids.

Aphids are not a rare occurrence here in Aberdeen, we see them every year. We knew this would be a bad year when we saw lady bug beetles early in the season (lady bug beetles eat aphids). It may seem as though the aphids appeared overnight because they multiply so fast. Most aphids are born pregnant and can double in numbers in just 4 days!

If you have an infestation of aphids do not despair there are several products that can be used to kill them. Fertilome Broad Spectrum Insecticide is a very good insecticide that comes in a concentrate, drench, hose end and granular form. If you have aphids on edibles you may want to use Espoma Insect Control.

Many of you will start to see grub damage sometime in August, you may want to treat them then but the best time to treat is now. If you had grubs last year and did not treat them, the chances of new grubs being in your lawn is likely. We carry Fertilome Grub Free Zone which works best when applied now when the grubs are still young and currently starting to feed on roots.

If you have an insect on your plants and would like help identifying them, either email us a picture or stop in with your sample in a zipper bag. All products listed above can be found at Parkview, please ask an associate on application instruction or if a different product should be used.