Let’s Talk Tulips

As the weather gets cooler, in the planting world, we start thinking about spring! Planting in the fall combines cool temperatures and warm soils, providing your plants with the perfect start for spring growth. When it comes to tulips, this is the only time to plant!

Tulips provide spring color well before most annuals can be safely planted outside. Incorporating them into landscapes has become increasingly popular, and breeders have started to release some dazzling varieties. New varieties with bicolor details, as well as more vibrant hues, can accentuate a contrasting or complimentary color scheme to welcome spring! When selecting tulips, varieties that bloom in the mid to late season are appropriate for the midwest area.

Tulip planting should not begin until daytime highs reach the 50s to prevent them from breaking dormancy prematurely. Most tulip varieties require a cold period of at least 8 weeks to initiate blooms. Plant all tulips at a depth of 6-8 inches, and planting them singly or in groupings is appropriate.

As spring approaches, the great thing about tulips is that they don’t require any maintenance to bloom. So go ahead and plant the tulips this fall. Then, sit back and enjoy the beautiful blooms coming your way next spring!