DIY Fall Annual Container Garden

School is in full swing and we all know what that means; summer is over and fall is finally here. We here at Parkview are head over heels for fall. The weather is cooler, our plants are happier and they are starting to put on their final color show before winter arrives. How about those spring and summer annuals though? Rather than trying to revive the plants you’ve lost along the way, there is a fresh crop of annual plants that will offer great fall color for the coming months!

Here’s what you’ll need for your fall containers: soil, container of your choosing (preferably with a drain hole), cool weather annuals and Start and Grow fertilizer. When picking your annuals, the same rules that apply to your summer containers are still in play for your fall containers. You want to pick a thriller, spiller and filler plant to ensure balance in the container. A short list of some great options include: Mums, Pansies, Grasses, Flowering Kale, Ornamental Peppers, Asters and Coral Bells. You may notice a few perennials on this list as well; these plants can easily be moved from the container to the ground for over wintering at the end of the season. September is a great time to be getting your fall containers started and established.

Watering slows down significantly in the fall so be sure to monitor your containers so they don’t get over watered or under watered. As the fall season presses on, you can add pumpkins and ornamental corn to your fall displays on your patio or deck. There are also some fun fall garden stakes a person could stick in their yard or container to add more fall flare. You will not be disappointed by your fall container gardens. Happy planting!