DIY Succulent Pumpkins

If you’ve been following our latest projects, you’ve already learned to make a trendy succulent dish. We’re happy to announce that succulents are still the talk of the town and we are still creating adorable arrangements! This time of year, most people have an abundance of pumpkins so we have decided to put two of our favorite things into one project, pumpkins planted with succulents.

Here’s what you will need for this project: a pumpkin, soil, succulents, moss, hot glue and your choice of accessories. We used an artificial pumpkin so we didn’t have to worry about rotting, but you can also use a real pumpkin. To make it last longer we recommend not cutting into it. Instead, leave your pumpkin in tact and glue moss to the top so the succulents can root into the moss.

If using an artificial pumpkin like we did, the first step is to create a space for your soil. We used a knife to cut out the excess foam and glued a small piece of plastic bag into the pumpkin so it would hold soil. Next, once the hot glue has dried, add in your soil. You can skip those steps if using a real pumpkin, and instead glue moss on top of your pumpkin. Now, you can add your succulents. It is best to use succulents that are proportionate to your pumpkin. Ours were quite small so we used cuttings from our plants and they were the perfect size. As you arrange your succulents, you can add moss to hold them in place better and act as a rooting source. There are several fun colors of moss to choose from, so let your imagination run wild. As a finishing touch, you can add your accessories. We used fairy garden items, as they were the perfect size for our mini pumpkins. You can use a few dots of hot glue to secure your accessories and any stubborn pieces of moss.

Your succulent pumpkin is now complete. Gift it to a friend or keep it on your desk at work, the options are endless. Water your arrangement as needed and be sure to give it plenty of bright light. Once the season has passed, you can take your arrangement apart and use your succulents in a new project. Happy planting!