DIY Repurposed Chair Planter

repurposed chair planter

Here we are, already mid-July and there is no sign of relief from the heat. How are your spring annuals looking? They may need some freshening up before the next backyard barbecue takes place. This month we’ll be making a new plant pot for summer, but we’ll be jazzing it up with some repurposed furniture to impress our guests. This DIY chair planter will be the perfect addition to your summer garden!

This project requires some soil, a planter, an old chair (it’s rummage sale season so there are some adorable potential planters out there) and a variety of fresh annuals or perennials. First, you’ll need to take the seat portion out of your old chair and prep it for a planter. You may need to resize the chair to hold a planter of a specific size (the chair we used turned out to hold a 12” planter perfectly). You also might want to paint your chair a fun color beforehand – this is a quick and easy way to add color to your garden with something other than plants.

Once you are happy with your chair and planter choices, add some soil to the planter. When choosing your plants, keep in mind the thriller, spiller a filler rule. Pick out several blooming, heat-tolerant tropical plants and annuals. Then, fill the rest of your planter using flowering perennials so you can plant them in your landscaping once you’re done with your repurposed planter. Using your plants for several projects throughout the growing season is a good way to save a little money.

When you’re done filling your planter with some fresh blooming plants, be sure to water them well. It’s a good idea to use a slow release fertilizer, as well as incorporating a good water soluble fertilizer into your watering routine. We’ve got several options for boosting your bloom production and root growth.

Keeping your plants watered and healthy is going to be the best way to beat the summer heat. Display your beautiful creation in a place that gets the proper sunlight for the plants that you’ve chosen. Stay cool and happy planting!