September Lawn and Garden Checklist

Summer may be ending but the cool month of September reminds us that there’s still plenty of gardening left to enjoy before winter kicks in. See what tips you can add to keep your landscape beautiful and healthy.


  • Continue mowing your lawn as needed. Keep the mowing height to 2.5-3 inches. In mid-October, you can gradually start decreasing your mowing height until you reach 2 inches for your last mowing for the season.
  • Continue watering your lawn to retain moisture through the entire root zone. Do not shut off your sprinklers until later in the season to make sure the root zone does not dry out.
  • Fall is a great time to kill broadleaf weeds. Spray Fertilome Weed Free Zone to kill off weeds. This chemical can be applied with temps ranging from 45-80.
  • Wait to apply Fertilome Winterizer fertilizer until October when temps are decreasing.


  • Continue to harvest vegetables until finished.
  • As plants finish pull out annual plants and dispose of (this will help reduce diseases reoccurring next spring).

Perennials, trees and shrubs

  • Some perennials such as peonies, iris and lilies may be able to be cut back if their foliage has turned yellow/brown.
  • Any shrubs that have stopped blooming can be trimmed (keep in mind that spring bloomers will have their buds for next year set and will be trimmed off it cut off now).
  • Remember to plant fall bulbs (bulbs that flower in the spring) this fall when temperature highs are in the fifties.
  • After we receive a killing frost you can transplant and divide perennials. When dividing make sure each piece has an adequate root zone. Peonies and Iris can be done before a killing frost if the foliage is beginning to dry down.
  • This is a great time to be planting perennials, shrubs and trees! Warm soil temps and cool air temps is a perfect recipe for successful plantings. Remember to keep your new plantings well-watered.