Spring 2016 Shopping Trends

Our spring season is in full throttle and we are seeing exciting trends in customer shopping.

1. First of all thanks to Pinterest, DIY is huge.  Many of our customers want help on proper planting and to get ideas, but they definitely want to do it themselves and that is great!

2. Our second trend is succulents!  Of the nine seasons I have been working here this is our largest succulent selection and this is the fastest I have seen it sell down!  Don’t worry for those of you who have not selected yours yet, we will be restocking throughout the season.  Succulents are great for unique containers and even better for people who want to grow something but not very good at watering as they are low water users.  We often use succulents in our fairy gardens.

3. The third trend is the increase in edible plants being sold.  We have been seeing an increase in fruit and vegetable sales and again this year is not different.  Herbs seem to be a huge seller again this year, which is why we have our largest selection yet!  Vegetable gardening does not have to be an excessive garden, a simple potted tomato is sufficient for some gardeners.

4. One of the biggest changes I have seen is who is shopping at Parkview.  We love all of our customers and we are excited to see so many of the Millennial generation shopping with us!  Gardening is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages, the younger we get our kids started gardening the more they will appreciate the art that it is, as well as all of the health benefits that can obtained from it.

5. The last trend in shopping is outdoor décor.  Many of you know we have made the switch from being an interior gift shop to largely supplying outdoor décor and outdoor entertaining pieces.  Customers are spending more time outside and we love helping them select the right piece to decorate their yards.  We are excited to bring you more unique pieces throughout the season.