Time to Get Your Hands Dirty this Fall!

It may not have felt like it lately but fall is just around the corner.  Those crisp mornings and late afternoons are unanimously a favorite time of year around Parkview Nursery.  The cooler weather not only gives relief to the heat that we’ve endured in the summer months, but it is also a great time to allow new plants to establish.  In fact, most of the professionals at Parkview do most of their home’s planting in the fall.

We always say, fall is a great time to be planting!  Unlike spring, fall planting takes advantage of warm soils and cooling temperatures that allow roots to start establishing with a decreased level of stress from high temps.  You can actually plant up until the ground freezes which means we have 3+ months left in planting season!  When plants begin to come out of dormancy in the spring, the initial shock of planting is behind them and they are able to start growing right away.

So which plants can be planted in the fall?  Almost all perennials, shrubs and trees can still be planted in the fall; however evergreens should be planted earlier than later.  Fall is also the only time to be planting spring bulbs such as Tulips, Allium and Daffodils.  Wait to plant these flowers when air temperatures are below 60 degrees (usually October).

The techniques used in spring planting still apply in the fall, don’t forget to water your plants to keep moisture available.  Perfect weather and ideal establishment time aren’t the only reasons we love planting in the fall.  We also have awesome sales on all of our plants at Parkview.  Come check them out and get expert advice on what to plant this fall!