Tire Planter Project

What is a person to do with all those old spare tires they’re not using? Well, you paint them and plant them of course!

What you will need for this project: old wore out tires, spray paint in the color of your choosing, soil and your choice of plants. Wash off your tire and let dry completely. Once dry, spray paint your tires. You can mix it up with different colors and sizes of tires. Apply more than one coat for a bright, solid color finish, be sure to lay some cardboard down before hand for easy cleanup. Once your tires are painted and dried figure out where you want them. A person could lay them on the ground and plant the center or hang them on a fence to be planted. Simply add some soil to your tire and plant your plants. Be sure to water properly keeping in mind that there are no drain holes if you have hung your tire. Happy planting!