Zen Gardens with Air Plants

Zen Garden

A zen garden is a Japanese rock garden or a dry landscape that has been dated back 100’s of years and have allowed monks to meditate and relax with a small or large garden. These zen gardens are minimalistic, tranquil, and very easy to make at home. These small tabletop gardens have grown in popularity in recent times, thanks to the small garden movement that is taking over.

To build one of these beautifully simple gardens you will only need a few items to start out. The first item you will need is a shallow pot, or even a tray. Glass is often used for a modern look, where wood allows to carry the natural feel of the garden. The next step is to acquire sand that will be canvas for the garden. Many times, white or regular pure sand is used, but colors such as blue and red can be used for a nice pop of color.

One of the ways that the monks used the gardens was by raking lines into the sand to show the ever-changing directions that life takes and so a small handheld rake is a must! If a small rake can not be found, a back scratcher, fork, and even a comb will help create the grooves that are sought after.

The last few items are added to personalize and make this garden yours. Polished stones will give the authentic feel that many people like. Air plants such as an all green one like Stricta Gardneri or add a pop of color with a Raspberry Rubra can be scattered around. In a separate area, succulents can be planted as well for a stationery plant. The last items many people add is little trinkets such as charms and essential oils. Both can have a calming feel by using crystals and a scent such as lavender to tie the relaxation element all throughout the pot.

These gardens are super simple to create yet have a very clean elegant look to them that will lighten up a room like nothing else.