July Lawn & Garden Checklist

Summer is in full swing and your garden is probably starting to showcase all of the hard work you’ve put in! Here’s how to keep it looking great.


  • Harvest vegetables as they are ready.
  • For tomatoes, apply Fertilome Yield Booster or Bonide Rot Stop to lessen the effect of blossom end rot.
  • For vegetables, apply Fertilome Broad Spectrum Fungicide or Immunox to prevent diseases such as blight.
  • For weeds, Apply Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules to prevent them from germinating (you must weed first).
  • Early July to Mid July fertilize your garden with Espoma Garden Food.


  • If you had grub problems last year now is the time to apply Grub Free Zone to your lawn.
  • Mow your lawn so blades are 2-2 ½” minimum. The roots grow in correlation to the length of the blade so the longer the blade, the deeper the roots.


  • Fertilize once a week with any of our water soluble Fertilome products or see a sales associate about granular slow release fertilizer.
  • Roses can be fertilized with Fertilome Rose and Flower Food.
  • Watch for diseases such as powdery mildew. Apply Fertilome Broad Spectrum to prevent diseases.
  • Apply Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules to prevent weeds from germinating (must weed first)
  • Apply Fertilome Over the Top or Ortho Grass B Gone to flower gardens to kill unwanted grass growing.


  • Deadhead summer flowering shrubs as needed and shape throughout the season.

It is important to keep all plants well-watered throughout the summer season.  All new plantings should be deeply watered several times a week.