DIY Succulent Cuttings

What’s better than a succulent? A whole garden of them, of course! Luckily, it is easy to grow these fun plants at home using succulent cuttings. In the video below, our lead grower Dana guides you through the steps.

To be successful in succulent cuttings you should remember that this is a long process. It may take a couple months to get transplantable succulents from your cuttings, and don’t be surprised if many of them do not produce baby succulents. The only supplies you need for cuttings are rooting powder, cactus potting mix, and a tray.

The first step is to place an inch or two of soil in any type of tray. It could be an aluminum foil pan or growing pan. Water the soil so it is wet but make sure that water is able to drain out of the container. Then using your finger nail, cut the succulent leaf off of the stem, dip it in the rooting powder and then create an indention in the soil to place the leaf in just enough to cover the cut side of the leaf.

When cutting off rosettes of succulents, simply cut off the rosette, leaving a stem a half inch long or so. Dip the stem in the rooting powder and create an indention in the soil to place the stem. You will want to keep the soil slightly moist but not overly wet.

Any questions? Feel free to stop in anytime and chat with one of our friendly gardening experts like Dana!