Parkview’s Favorite Perennials

South Dakota Perennials

We often talk about our favorite perennials when helping customers select plants, but our customers don’t get to see them in our own yards. This month we went straight to our experts’ yards and are giving you a peak of how these plants grow in our yards and why we suggest them to our customers to grow as well.


Dana’s Favorites

Some of her favorites are Grape Lollipop Phlox, tulips, Campfire Rose, Millenium Allium and Little Rebel Dogwood. All these plants were planted 4 years ago or less. The red fall color of the dogwood is striking in this spot of her yard, she does trim them back yearly to maintain size. Her Millenium Allium will soon be in flower and will show color for the remainder of the summer and fall. The Campfire Rose will bloom from early spring to fall with regular deadheading and comes back reliably every year with only adding extra mulch to the base of the plant for protection. Her primary color all spring in the landscape are tulips and they are spread throughout her entire landscape in the front as well as the backyard. Dana will often talk about the Grape Lollipop Phlox on Facebook and this picture proves why it is her favorite, it will bloom like this the rest of the summer!


Amy’s Favorites

Amy’s loves perennials with lots of blooming power. Her coreopsis is 5 years old and she bought it off our ding and dent table! The balloon flower gives the cool blue color and is a unique flower shape.  Amy’s Summer Crush Hydrangea is 2 years old and grows beautifully every year. There are yellow mums pictured behind the Gayfeather (liatris) that were transplanted two months ago. Amy has color with these plants all summer and many of them really showing their color in the fall.


Tammy’s Favorites

Tammy’s plants are full and full of blooms this time of year. Her favorites consist of Gaillardia, Russian sage, Honeysuckle vine, evening primrose and Flame Grass. All of the plants that she chose to showcase are summer through fall bloomers giving her tons of color. The gaillardia, Russian sage and evening primrose do fantastic in the sun. Her honeysuckle which is on a sturdy trellis does well in full to part sun.  Good air movement it important when growing honeysuckle. Tammy’s Flame Grass will tend to not start growing until late May or early June but comes back thick and beautifully every season.

All these plants are available throughout the season at Parkview Nursery. Stop in and check them out!